Books contain stories that range from the personal to the most unusual flights of fantasy.  There is truth stranger than fiction and fiction truer than fact.

Making books is my passion. It all started with my love of reading and looking at pictures.

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina was filled with magical times. The lushness of those fragrant woods instilled in me an appreciation for the natural world and all that it contains.

It conditioned me to see and listen to what was around me - wherever I might be; The lakes and beaches of Michigan, the ocean of Northern California, and the incredible high mountain desert of Utah. I can still smell the scent of sagebrush and damp earth after a summer rain.

How can I describe it in the form of a book? How do you describe the amazing colors, the feel of that light desert air, the sky that is the universe?

Traveling from the deadline ruled world of freelance illustration into the never to be hurried time continuum of hand made books has reconnected me to the importance of “taking as long as it takes”. Putting together a book, whether it is for someone else to journal, sketch, or a little book of text and illustrations cannot be hurried. There is something reassuring about that. 

Books can take you places you can only imagine and places that are too real. When you hold a book in your hand, the possibilities are open for exploration, reflection, experiencing the familiar or totally unexpected.

A book made by hand can be a journal, filled with observations in words, or illustrated with personal references that become your portable reference library.

I like to think that by gathering beautiful materials and assembling them into a book with the intent to be used, that it will become a companion and invitation to be filled with whatever you love.

Thank you for loving books.